Todd Sullivan, who writes a blog called Value Plays, can’t believe that Starbucks CEO Jim Donald asserted that McDonald’s move into premium coffee would spur more people to also buy Starbucks coffee. “On its face the statement does make sense, but when you take a step back and think about it, you have to wonder, especially when you consider: Consumer Reports recently compared coffees and came up with an interesting result. According to its tasters, Starbucks coffee was outdone by McDonald’s premium-coffee offering,” he writes.

Charlie Kirk outlines some of his plans for this afternoon, and it involves finding a few stocks that look like they should be headed lower. “This afternoon my plan is to sift through some of the REITs that have been so [dominant] on the new-high list,” he writes. “There have to be some short-sell opportunities in this very overbought and well-loved group. It should be a good time to start tracking stocks which have failed to participate in what has been a terrific rally.”

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It certainly is an honor to have anything I write associated with and reprinted by the Wall St. Journal. I would like to publicly thank Mr. Gaffen here for his viewer ship and the recognition.

ValuePlays was also cited in the Orange County (CA) Register in January. Read it here