Friday, April 6, 2007

Friday Tidbits:

Having knee surgery this morning (Friday) so today is just some "housekeeping".

Today is Good Friday and the US Markets are closed.

1-Why did Rhode Island AG Patrick Lynch give the $1 million Dupont Lead Paint "Settlement" money to Brown University rather than cleaning up lead paint with it?

  • Lynch received his bachelor’s degree from Brown University in 1987 and his law degree from Suffolk University. While at Brown, he led the basketball team to its only Ivy League championship in1986, winning all-Ivy League honors in his senior year. It really makes his proclamation to the press at briefing regarding DuPont settlement, “What makes this announcement so gratifying is that this money will go straight to cleaning up the mess" even more revolting... doesn't it? Way to help Rhode Island's children Pat.

Perhaps he is trying to get a building named after him. A thank-you to "Doug" who emailed me on this.

2-Asking a question about a particular security?
  • Please email me. I do not always get a chance to review the comments on a post and if you are commenting on something that was posted days ago, with activity on the site surging, I may not get to it. Enhanced Features Subscribers always get top priority but I will try to get to all of you. As the numbers of site visitors grow each day the delay here may be longer. Do yourself a favor, just buy the subscription for $6.99 a month and guarantee a fast reply. Think of it this way, if you had bought just 10 shares of each stock I recommended when I recommended it, you would have paid for 41 months of the subscription already. It's a no brainer.

3-How do I view the ValuePlays Portfolio?
  • Click this link. Then place your mouse on the spreadsheet and scroll it to view securities and results in the portfolio as well as the stocks on the "avoid" list. The portfolio should automatically update every 5 minutes and prices are on a 20 min. delay.
4-PW - Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad.
  • I received an email on this from a reader and seem to have lost the email. He wanted to know of this was a buy. Reader, I see no reason to buy this. It's financial performance has been dead flat for 5 years now. This is especially disappointing since railroads have experienced a renaissance the last two years and they seem to have missed out on it. If you want a railroad, go with CSX. They are the main transported of goods from the Midwest to the east. Basically, if the east coast needs ethanol, CSX brings it to them. I have owned it for a year and a half now and done very well with it but do not think it presents a "value" at these prices. However, if you really want a railroad, go for it.
  • Sorry for the delay
  • I was recently interviewed by them regarding the Sherwin-Williams (SHW) litigation and the text of the interview will appear in tomorrow's post.

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