Saturday, April 14, 2007

Request for Comments

I am looking to create a comments page of readers thoughts and experiences with the blog. While I have received many of them from you up until this point, I do not feel right about publishing them unless you submit them knowing they may be. So, if you have already sent one, please re-submit it so I know it has been submitted under the assumption it may be published. That being said, please email me at and give me your thoughts.

Please Include (some ideas):
  • Your name
  • A website or blog title if you have one (I will provide a link to it)
  • Your position if applicable, for example: fund manager, analyst etc..
  • A favorite post, pick or other notable item
  • Why you read ValuePlays
  • What makes ValuePlays different

Should there be a reason that you may not want you name published, please let me know and I will oblige. I will need to verify the authenticity of your email but will honor any special requests.

Thank you


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