Sunday, April 22, 2007

ValuePlays in Personal Finance

This past week my post on selling puts was picked up in You can view it here. I received a ton of email on it from readers and will probably do a follow up piece soon. I seem to have people thinking about them and it did spur a bunch of additional questions the original piece may have not answered totally.

They have been featuring articles by various bloggers lately and the site is full of great info. Please visit them here.

A Good Read:

Since I am laid-up recuperating from a torn quad tendon and patella bone repair and will be for the next 6-8 weeks (If I was a horse I would have been Barbaroed' by now), I now have a bunch of time to catch up on some reading. This weekend I read through a little known Benjamin Graham book, "The Interpretation of Financial Statements". It is a short book , only 88 pages plus 31 pages of financial terms defined at the end. I highly advise this book to anyone who decides to take stock picking into their own hands (which you should do if you currently own mutual funds). It is written for investors of all experience levels and provides examples for each "Lesson". Please click on the link below and pick up a copy for yourself.

Read front cover flap here:

Table of Contents here: Note: click on the arrows on the side of the page 1 to see the second page of contents, it is the good stuff!

Oh yea............. "Who was Ben Graham"? You may be asking. None other than Warren Buffet's teacher and mentor. Read it and you will be keeping good company!!


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