Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bio-diesel Producers: Ethiopia Wants You

After reading my post about Brazilian coffee bean producers turning part of their crop into bio-diesel in Forbes, I received the following request. Ethiopia is looking for any way to profit from its coffee crop and is looking for interested parties to look to Africa as a source of Bio-Diesel production.

"Ethiopia is the largest coffee producer in Africa. As a large (population about 75 million) but extremely poor (per capita GNP is the $100/year range) country, there might be interest in biofuels from an available resource. I would be interested in knowing more about this possibility, particularly some idea of capital requirements, required support infrastructure (e.g. reliability of the technology, need for highly skilled personnel, etc.), minimum size/capacity of a viable operation and expected output (gallons/liters of biodiesel)."

"Any of your readers with an interest in the Horn of Africa are welcome to add their email addresses to the list. The focus of the list is political/economic/developmental, with only very occasional items about coffee or biofuels."

"Shlomo Bachrach"

Any interested parties can email me information and I will forward them to the necessary parties.

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