Monday, June 18, 2007

$1.3 Billion An Hour

Interested? Well that is what shareholders of Apple (AAPL) are pricing a new battery at today. Previous estimates had the new iPhone having about 6 hours of talk time, new ones, 8. This was apparently a reason not to buy the phone?

According folks who have been emailing and commenting to my posts, the battery life has never been mentioned once, not once in the hundreds of comments and emails. It was not mentioned as an issue by those who would not buy it and those who said they would buy it, any potential battery issue was inconsequential. Those who will not buy it are going to do so because of price according to polls and those who are going to buy it would do so even if Steve Jobs stood at the door to the Apple store and assaulted them when they walked in. The battery was irrelevant.

So, how can we add $2.6 billion to the market cap of Apple today just because there is an improvement to the device that just makes it comparable to other makers devices? An improvement, it needs to be noted that has not been mentioned by detractors in discussions about the phone?

I guess the question is, why is this important and did anyone really think battery life would not be improved?

It is almost like the stock running up because they are going to put it out in red... who cares?

Things like this that do not make sense are signs... Why doesn't it make sense? If it was any other battery in any other cell phone from RIMM (RIMM), Nokia (NOK)or Motorola (MOT)
would anyone care?


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