Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Fast Money" 6/27 Results and Picks

Here are today's picks and yesterday's and to date results. This is a one horse race with Macke running away with it. I have been asked what this has to do with "value investing". The answer? Nothing. It is the antitheses of it. If these guy are some of the best "traders" and have timely access to information most of us do not, yet fail to beat the market most days (or only once a week in Adami's case), how can we really expect to do any better? While I applaud them sticking their neck's out and making picks, I think the exercise is very beneficial to us in only proving that active trading is a crap shoot at best. I will continue to track the results just to see how this plays out.

Thursday's Picks

Macke liked Petsmart Inc (PETM)=32.59 and Guitar Center (GTRC)= $59.98

Najarian liked Dendreon Corp (DNDN)= $7.17

Adami- Research In Motion = (RIMM)= $163.45

Bolling picked USEC Inc (USU)= $21.80

Wednesday's Results:

Bolling- Google (GOOG)= Open $530.26 close $526.29 Loss $3.97

Adami- EMC (EMC)= Open $17.52 close $17.93 Gain $.41

Najarian- Under Armour (UA)= Open $45.80 Close $46.63 Gain $.83

Macke- NIKE (NKE)= Open $53.82 Close $58.29 Gain $4.47


Since my tracking began on 6/21 (1-1 means one up pick and one down pick)

Adami= 1-4 Loss $1.40
Bolling= 2-3 Loss $1.72
Najarian= 3-2 Gain $1.50
Macke= 5-2 Gain $6.65
Seymore= 1-0 Gain $.35
Finerman= 0-1 Loss $.18

Macke is hands down destroying the others.

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