Saturday, June 16, 2007

Instant Bull Stock Market Blog Rankings

I received an email about a site that that "ranks" the various stock market blogs out there, well, the "Top 100" anyway. They do it in a very democratic way also, which is always nice.

They are ranked by Technorati and Alexa rankings. The Technorati rankings I feel are more accurate because Alexa ranking do not take into account Firefox browser users as their software is not compatible with it and all browsers work with Technorati. This Alexa oddity causes a whole batch of visitors and page views on your site not to be recognized by it. Unless you have an Alexa toolbar downloaded to your computer, they do not see you.

So, according to the Instant Bull site, ValuePlays is the 29th ranked site (as of 6/15).After 5 months, I can live with that (for now) They update the rankings weekly so I guess on Monday we will have a different number.

It is a neat site in that they direct link to the blogs there and you can veiw them in the same window. Check it out.

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