Sunday, June 10, 2007

June Top Stories To Date At VIN

Here we go. Is it just me or are the stories here getting better and better?

1- Sell Side Cliches- Market Prognosticator
2- Bestinver's Paramus: Pitching Tips To Buffett Bloomburg

3- Spinoffs- Forbes

4- Lampert Buying More Sears Shares - ValuePlays

5- SAC Capital Accumulates 5.2% Stake in FreightCar America - Streetinsider style="text-align: left;">

You may view the whole list here:

I have receives some requests to not include articles from the MSM (main stream media) and only include those written by bloggers and the like. I go both ways on it as I am partial to bloggers but do recognize any information no matter where it comes from is valuable.

I am open to suggestions

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