Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bartiromo "Back In the Saddle"

It would seem Maria is back doing what she does best, not trying to be Erin Burnett

Now it is only a day but Maria was back behind the desk at HQ this afternoon and gone were the incoherent and oddly timed giggles and high school antics that had me contemplating driving a letter opener into my temple when the show was on. You want to know something else? She is really good when is just herself.

Rather than looking like a bimbo on screen she now appears what she is, a financial newswomen. She asks intelligent questions and has seemed to cut down on the softball Q & A sessions she had been doing that had caused people to lose interest in her. Based on her history and how she started she clearly has the guts to do the job, the question is, does she still have the desire? Is she too close to the players to ask the really hard questions? She clearly does when the guest is a economist or commentator, we need her to do the same to the CEO she may know. Either that or let another person do the interview.

I want the Bartiromo who used to get knocked around on the floor of the exchange when she started and had the stones to give it back and stand there and tell folks to get out of the way. The Bartiromo of recent years mellowed way too much and the very recent version, let's just call it a bad dream.

She defined the female financial newswomen for years by being herself. Let's hope she just keeps doing that.


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