Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Fast Money" for Wednesday

Here are todays calls and yesterday's results

Wednesday's Picks

Jeff Macke recommended covering if you’re short Home Depot (HD). Open $33.52

Pete Najarian told people to short Countrywide Financial (CFC). Open $24.46

For the second day in a row, Guy Adami thought investors should bet against the Dow by buying the Short Dow30 Proshares (DOG). Open $60.98

Tuesday's Results

Jeff Macke thought investors should buy the Retail HOLDRS (RTH). Open $99.75 Close $96.41 Loss $3.34

Pete Najarian recommended shorting Countrywide Financial (CFC). Open $26.61 close $24.46 Gain $2.15

Guy Adami preferred to get short the whole DJIA by buying the Short Dow30 Proshares (DOG). Open $60.17 Close $60.98 Gain $.81

Eric Bolling liked streetTRACKS Gold Trust (GLD). Open $66.26 Close $66.29 Gain $.03

Since my tracking began on 6/21 (1-1 means one up pick and one down pick and no results from my vacation week)

Adami= 14-11 Gain $25.92
Bolling= 9-11 Loss $15.26
John Najarian= 13-3 Gain $15.54
Macke= 20-14 Gain $3.62
Pete Najarian= 9-7 Gain $18.79
Seymore= 3-1 Gain $2.15
Finerman= 2-2 Gain $.88
Gilbert= 1-0 Gain $.29

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