Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Note To Lampert: Let People Know About Land's End

Land's End has great, stylish products at great prices. Why don't more people know they can go to their local Sears (SHLD) to buy them?

At first I thought they just were not paying attention (or reading my blog) but then I began to look around. Not a single Sears commercial I have seen tells us Land End merchandise is available at stores. When I get my flyer in the newspaper each week, there isn't anything special telling me that I can buy Lands End clothing at Sears. When I get my Land's End catalog in the mail, nothing tells me to go to my local Sears in the Solomon Pond Mall to buy Land end clothing. Why the secret?

Land's End has fantastic stuff and the stores that have it according the the salespeople I spoke to yesterday have a huge advantage over those that do not. If you sit in a Sears that sells Land's End, there is a constant stream of traffic to the areas of the store that have the Land's End merchandise. This is probably the reason Lampert announced he plans to double the locations that offer the products this year. But, Eddie, tell people about it!!

I do not want the local Sears that sells Land End clothing to be the best kept shopping secret in the area. I want it to be mobbed.

Some Ideas

- Create a Land's End commercial and run it in those areas that sell it in the stores with the big tag line "Available at Sears"

- Run Land's End flyers in Sunday papers that prominently display the Sears logo

- Ever hear of a billboard? They have been around so long because they work...

- Forget Radio

Telling people about Land's End will drive traffic to your stores and they will by other merchandise there. If nothing else, it will create the "relevance in the shopper's mind" Lewis spoke of after the latest earnings were released.


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