Monday, August 20, 2007

Why Do Democrats Hate Wal-Mart?

Did not see this anywhere in the MSM (mainstream media) last week but Democratic Presidential advisers are taking positions with an anti Wal-Mart (WMT) group. Surprised? has hired Meghan Scott, who previously worked on John Edwards’s presidential campaign is expected to be named "deputy campaign manager" of the organization and will be assisted by Nick Baldick, Jeremy Van Ess and Richie Ros. "Who are those guys?" you ask. Baldick was the national campaign manager for John Edwards’s presidential campaign in 2003 and early 2004. Van Ess worked on the presidential campaigns of John Kerry and Edwards and was chief speechwriter for Harry Reid, the current Senate majority leader. Ross ran the 2005 California gubernatorial campaign of Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante. Apparently hiring people from losing political organizations is a recipe for success now? What no one from Jimmy Carter's camp was available?

The organization, Wakeupwalmart, ironically was started by the United Food & Commercial Workers Union in 2005 when efforts by the Union to organize Wal-Mart workers failed. People who actually work at Wal-Mart have no affiliation with it. It oddly enough has no current plans to attempt to organize workers at Target (TGT), Kohl's (KSS) or Macy's (M) despite workers at those organizations faring no better (and in some areas worse) than Wal-Mart employees in term of wages or benefits.

It would seem their "outrage" at "suffering workers" is limited to those workers at politically appealing targets, not necessarily workers being taken advantage of. Are there any lower paid workers than those at fast food locations? Where are the commercials alerting us to the plight of those "disadvantaged" folks? I am sure those at Wakeup find it odd and it is apparently the reason that their efforts have failed when you consider a new Wal-Mart in Livonia, Michigan that will employee 530 workers recently had 5,000 people apply for these abhorrent, underpaid, undesirable, slave labor positions. Who is kidding who?

Said Ms. Scott, “We are going to fight to ensure that Wal-Mart becomes a responsible organization,” she said. If only she looked at her own organization first.

Do Democrats really wonder why they get the "anti-business" tag?? Do they really?

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