Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Fast Money" for Friday

Friday's Picks

Guy Adami told the panel to short The Dow with Short Dow30 ProShares (DOG). Open $59.67

Karen Finerman liked Under Armour (UA). open $63.38

Pete Najarian preferred Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS). Open $67.27

Jeff Macke told folks to short the S&P but since most investors cannot or do not know how to do it, it will not be tracked.

Thursday's Results

Jeff Macke recommended Short Dow30 ProShares (DOG). Open $59.87 Close $59.67 Loss $.20

Karen Finerman likes Kraft (KFT). Open $32.60 Close $33.39 Gain $.79

Guy Adami preferred Biogen (BIIB). Open $62.87 Close $66.53 Gain $3.66

Pete Najarian said Nokia (NOK) is a buy. Open $33.37 Close $34.21 Gain $.84

Since my tracking began on 6/21 (1-1 means one up pick and one down pick and no results from my vacation weeks)

Guy Adami= 20-13 Gain $39.24
Eric Bolling= 10-11 Loss $14.01
John Najarian= 13-3 Gain $15.54
Jeff Macke= 22-19 Gain $4.05
Pete Najarian= 14-10 Gain $25.51
Tim Seymore= 3-2 Loss $.49
Karen Finerman= 4-3 Gain $1.59
Stacey Briere-Gilbert= 2-0 Gain $1.61
Constance Hunter= 1-0 Gain $1.84

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