Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mcdonald's: This Is How You Do It Howard

No press conferences pronouncing the "dominance", "super-premium product" or saying they have the "market bought", just a neat little thing called estimate crushing results. Got to love McDonald's (MCD)

McDonald's delighted investors with much stronger than expected same store sales in August.

Asia/Pacific/Mideast/Africa: + 12.4%
Europe: +6.1%
US +7.4%
Company-wide: +8.1%

How good are those results? Consider Goldman Sachs (GS) had projected US same store sales to be up only 4% and Bear Stearns (BS) had estimated just a 5% increase. CEO Jim Skinner said, "Our worldwide sales momentum continues, thanks to our customer-focused emphasis on menu variety and value, convenient service, innovative marketing and contemporary restaurants." That is it, a one sentence release and their results speak for themselves. No chest thumping or bashing of the competition, when you are in first place, there is no need.

Starbucks (SBUX) could learn a thing or two here. Rather than running around telling everyone how great you are, just go out and prove it. Stop giving press conferences saying "we have bought all the super-premium beans" or that "we have no competition", you do and whether you know it or not they are whipping your butt good.

McDonalds reminds me of watching Earl Campbell run as a kid. He never said a word, just went out and did his job, running over opposing defenders. Everyone knew he was getting the ball and they could not stop him. He would get up after each tackle looking old and tired as if he was on his last breath and then the ball would be snapped and he would outrun everyone 80 yards to the endzone and then just drop the ball. No fancy dance, no spike, just results. McDonald's is the same way, we never hear anything from them until they blow the door off another estimate and the stock keeps increasing to ever higher levels.

No show, just results....

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