Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Target Get's Into Lead Paint Recall Game, More "Thomas" Recalls

Target (TGT) announced today that it is recalling 350,000 toy lawn and garden tools and chairs due to lead paint. Unlike Mattel (MAT), they did not immediately issue the Chinese an apology.

Details are not forthcoming yet (no word on the Target website as of 3pm) but in what is shaping up to become an election year issue, is there a toy that says "Made In China" you would buy for your kid? Ironically, I was in a Target last week and witnessed mothers in the baby section (actually I was eavesdropping). They were talking and looking at toys and for these three moms, the decision to buy or not was simple. If it said "Made In China", it went back on the shelf. "Why risk it" was the consensus among them. Sooner or later a toy maker is going to make a killing bringing out the "Made In the USA" logo and running it in commercials. At this point people would easily pay a few bucks more for the products than say, burying their child?

Additionally, RC2 Corp. (RCRC) announced they are recalling an additional 200,000 Thomas the Tank Engine toys. No word yet as to whether an apology to China is coming or not.

Mattel is sure to issue an apology for both of them.............cowards

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