Monday, September 10, 2007

What Is Verizon Up To?

Rumors abounded before the iPhone launch that Verizon (VZ) was developing an "iPhone killer" and was the reason they turned down Apple's (AAPL) overtures. Now, there are more rumors that the possibly upcoming GPhone from Google (GOOG) was shopped to Verizon and it also turned it down.

It all begs the question? What does Verizon have in the wings? Based on it's history, any product from Google is going to be incredibly affordable (unlike the iPhone) and be easily adaptable to existing formats and outside programmers. Now, if that is true and they are going to several providers to shop it (again based on rumors) one must think that Verizon feels it has something very special in the works to turn down both phones.

Now that Apple finally got with the program and made the iPhone somewhat more affordable, sales will pick up. AT&T (T) stands to be the big winner as they will feel little of the pain of the price cut. Verizon needs to have an answer and will be under even more pressure if a Google phone does come to fruition. Perhaps they are working on it with Blackberry maker Research In Motion (RIMM)?

Personally, I love my Blackberry and have no interest in a $400 iPhone. I would be shocked if a GPhone was not priced at a fraction of that price and I would be tempted to take a gander at it if for no other reason I am sure it would be a great product, like everything else Google does. This is not to say the iPhone is not a great product, it is just way too much money.

Verizon needs to have a answer to this and soon or they risk falling behind in a big way in the smart phone race which, is the future of our telephonic communications.

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