Friday, October 5, 2007

"Baby Einstien" Lead Paint Recall

Just for the holiday weekend, 500,000 toys recalled due to lead paint.

35,000 "Baby Einstein" blocks were recalled today. This recall is particularly alarming since they are children's blocks that ALWAYS end up in kids mouths.

FOXNews reported today that a total of 500,000 pieces were recalled this morning.

Oh, in case you were wondering? All 500,000 toys have the words on them "MADE IN CHINA".

Mattell (MAT), even though they sold none of the toys is expected to issue China an apology later today.

Can't we just throw all the suits against US companies like Sherwin Williams (SHW) that have not made lead paint in over half a century? Even the most dense of folks has to realize any kids getting poisoned today are getting so from these toys...

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