Friday, October 12, 2007

CNBC's Hypocrisy on Coulter

CNBC is outdoing itself today in the hypocrisy department.

Apparently Ann Coulter was on "The Big Idea" with Donnie Deutsch Monday and made some pretty offensive remarks, and folks there are shocked. First off, how they could be either shocked or surprised Ann said something incendiary is just not believable and if they really are, that kind of ignorance of your guest is inexcusable. That being said, here is where the hypocrisy comes in.

Donnie has been all over the CNBC airwaves today lamenting his dismay at Coulter's comments and saying that he "initially did not want to run the show because that is not what the show is about". Donnie is apparently so upset that he now feels the need to RUN IT AGAIN TONIGHT. Why? Probably because it will now be his top rated show of the year and the only one more than 50 people and his mom will actually watch.

Erin Burnett was "so disgusted" she declared Coulter "should be banned from the airwaves". This comes just a month or so after she argued on air that Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "have a right to free speech, even if we do not like it" in response to their rants about the Bush administration, Israel, and America at the UN. So, which is it Erin?

Donnie then said "America is over her act, it is wearing thin and we are moving on" and all of CNBC is just so despondent of what Ann said that it is all they can talk about all day today and oh yeah..."You can see it again tonight on "The Big Idea" with Donnie Deutche" .......... Looks like ratings trumps all huh kids?

Joe Kernan seems to be the only one who actually gets it. "Coulter is just an author, she is selling books" he said this morning and then he continued "why do we care"? She is not a teacher, business owner, CEO, politician... just an author who says outrageous things to sell books. If these folks who are now giddy over their ratings are so outraged, stop putting her on the air!!!! Alas, they won't because their own greed will win in the end. Want more proof? Ann will be on CNBC this afternoon with Larry Kudlow.. CNBC just cannot get enough of her! It is all Ann all the time.

I do not know what Ann said on the show and really do not care. I am sure it was whatever adjective you want to call it and you know what? It worked because it is all people are talking about, she is getting ratings and selling her book.

Coulter and CNBC are both winners here so CNBC can just stop feigning outrage, it is so pathetically transparent. I'll bet Ann is already booked there for her next show..

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