Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Toys Recalled due To Lead Paint

This is getting out of hand.

1- Galaxy Warriors

2- Halloween Plastic Teeth

3- Elite Operations at Toys R' Us

4- Ribbit Board Games

All told, almost another 1/2 million pieces recalled today. The really scary one is the teeth because people will have them in their mouths.

Do plaintiffs currently suing Sherwin Williams (SHW), NL Industries (NL) and DuPont (DD) wonder why these suits are going nowhere? Every day current and potential jurors read the news and see these recalls and have to wonder why we are going after companies that have not made the stuff in over 1/2 a century. They want to know why these folks (mostly States like Rhode Island and Ohio) are not suing the manufacturers of toys that are today filled with lead paint. Maybe someone from the AG office of either State can get in touch with me and answer this? A lot of people want to know.

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