Friday, October 19, 2007

The Viewing Day

So, here is how things are beginning to shape up between CNBC and FOX

It looks like the morning is pure CNBC. "Squawk" with Kernan and Co. decimates anything the newbie network has to offer (not that the FOX show is bad, it is getting better) and I am such a Mark Haines fan that FOX would have to come up with something awfully special to make me switch channels.

But, it is increasingly looking like the afternoon may belong to the folks at FOX. CNBC seems to have sensed this and the afternoon offerings and placement of people there have been jumping around the past few weeks. FOX has a solid crew in place (most of them are from the weekend shows that have been on for years) and the addition of Liz Claymen (and her Buffett connection) will only serve to strengthen the line up. The shows flow well and the personalities work well together either when they agree or disagree.

Also, they do spend more time on segments which means they do tend to get more in depth than CNBC does into the subject at hand. This is both good and bad, if you are into the conversation, it is a plus but if it is about a topic that bores you, you may be more likely to change the channel. Personally, I like it.

Week one is in the books for FOX and despite a real shaky Day 1, it appears as though they are finding their footing and at least in the afternoon, will provide CNBC some real competition.

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