Monday, November 5, 2007

Another Legal Victory for Sherwin Williams

The lead paint litigation saga is just about over after yet another victory for Sherwin Williams (SHW), this time in

In "Thomas," Sherwin-Williams, NL Industries (NL), DuPont (DD), Millennium Holdings and ARCO were acquitted in Milwaukee with the jury finding:

From Jane Genova's Law and More:

"In "Thomas" the jury found:

* Steven Thomas ingested white lead carbonate - yes 12-0
* Has Steven Thomas brain been damaged - no -12-0
* Was Steven Thomas injured as a result of being admitted to the hospital for chelation or as a result of having his blood lead level sampled white a young child - no 12-0

No other questions answered - defense verdict - Judge has dismissed jury from service."

That essentially leave the California litigation that was won by the defendants but is under appeal and the Rhode Island case, lost by defendant but so legally flawed in the way it was handled by both the State and the Judge that evisceration on appeal by the Rhode Island Supreme Court is all but assured.

Lead paint, done, let's move on..

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