Wednesday, November 28, 2007 Blows Away Competition (WMT) has almost double the online share of it nearest competitor in the brick and mortar retail space.

Through the week ending 11/17 (% equals share):

1. (WMT) =7.2%
2. (TGT) =4.86%
3. (BBY) =2.91%
4. (JCP) =2.48%
5. (CC) =2.34%
6. (private) =2.32%
7. (SHLD)= 2.16%
8. (KSS) =1.39%
9. (LOW) =1.29%
10. (HD)= 1.29%

I have chronicled Wal-Mart's online success before and these results only add to the proof. Wal-Mart is clearly the leader here and their "site to store" program has been a huge hit. I have used it myself and it is very easy to use and when you consider the shipping charges you save, it really adds up very quickly.

More bad news for Home Depot and Lowes as they tied for last on the list. To make matters worse, Sears is well ahead of them and with more visits to, you can bet additional tool and appliance sales are going there rather than to either HD or Lowes.

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