Friday, December 28, 2007

Online Retail Traffic Through 12/22

I have an interesting question about the group.

1. (WMT)= 7.94%
2. (TGT)= 5.06%
3. (BBY)= 3.96%
4. / (SHLD)= 3.72%
5. (CC)= 3.07%
6. (JCP)= 2.03%
7. (private)= 1.97%
8. (M) = 1.43%
9. (KSS)= 1.3%

Data from Hitwise

The question? How in all that is holy can Circuit City be losing money? They have been in the top 5 all season and are currently the only one of the group losing cash. Pathetic comes to mind...

Wal-Mart has commanded essentially a 3% lead over #2 Target all fall. Now, with Target announcing a recent December sales disappointment, this 3% may be the difference for Wal-Mart being successful this holiday season. When you add Wal-Mart advertising of its very popular "site-to-st0re" program and Target's lack thereof, a hard lesson may have been l;earned by Target execs this season.

What will be interesting is to see results from Sears Holdings which has a similar program but did not advertise it as hard..

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