Monday, December 10, 2007

Retail Web Traffic: Still Wal-Mart's Domain

Here are the stats from the week ending 12/1. I have eliminated the online only retailers. This is just bricks and clicks combos.

1. (WMT) = 8.3%
2. (TGT) =5.64%
3. (BBY) = 3.88%
4. (CC) =3.11%
5. =2.59%
6. (JCP) =2.56%
7. (SHLD) =2.44%
8. (KSS) =1.38%
9. (M) =1.33%
10. (SHLD) =1.29%

The Sears / Kmart combination places it in a solid 4th just a click or two behind Best Buy. Wal-Mart still is crushing everyone else and this is the reason for the recent news we have seen. A casual look at the parking lots of both retailers in the area show a slight edge to Wal-Mart on most days.

The web traffic is the reason Wal-Mart investors are so optimistic ans Target ones are left wondering "what is going on"? I used the Wal-Mart "site to store" program and it could not have been any easier (not to mention the huge savings I had on the items we bought). The best I can tell from their site, Target has no such program.

Wal-Mart also has a huge advertising push for the program now and based on the results to date, one would be hard pressed to day it has not been an overwhelming success. Got to give it to the folks in Bentonville, they nailed it on this one.

A surprise is Circuit City. They are a constant top 5 site. If this Holiday season it not a success for them, it simply means they did not convert the eyes to buys and that it a pricing issue, pure and simple. Should that be the case, time for CEO Mr. Philip J. Schoonover to be asked to "pursue other opportunities". The folks have been there, you need to sell them.

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