Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Retail Website Traffic for Thanksgiving Week

Here are the retail states for the wek ending 11/24 (including "Black Friday")

1. www.walmart.com (WMT)= 10.9%
2. www.target.com (TGT)= 5.64%
3. www.bestbuy.com (BBY)= 5.62%
4. www.circuitcity.com (CC)= 4.53%
5. www.sears.com (SHLD)= 2.85%
6. www.toysrus.com (private)= 2.66%
7. www.jcpenney.com (JCP) = 2.35%
8. www.kmart.com (SHLD)= 1.89%

Walmart.com continues to set the pace at almost twice its closest competitor and even outdrawing amazon.com (AMZN) for the big week. An interesting note, the combined Sears and Kmart traffic, both owned by Sears Holdings places them in 4th place with more than double the traffic of JC Penny and just behind Best Buy.

Data from hitwise.com

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