Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dems Stimulus Plan Flacid

Democrats controlling Congress are looking at tax rebates, extended unemployment benefits and more food stamps to stimulate the sagging economy. Why? It won't work...

Here is the thing. Giving folks $500 will help for about a couple weeks. How about this? How about massive tax incentives for businesses to invest and hire new workers. Rather than extending folks unemployment benefits, why not stimulate businesses to hire them? Is not that a better long term solution?

Since we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, maybe if we lowered that substantially, the flight of businesses we are seeing to foreign countries could be stopped. Perhaps then we would see manufacturing jobs come into the nations as it would suddenly become less expensive to do business here.

Issuing more food stamps is going to stave off a recession? Please!! This is no better than the $500 one time check. This plan is nothing more that an election year ploy. Let give the most people we can a little bit and come November, we can count on a vote or two from them. Whatever we do, let's not address the real problems or come up with real solutions because lets be honest, in order to do that, we need to give incentives the very people we are trying to vilify to get vote, businesses and investors of capital.

Before you go off th deep end and claim I am some "right wing nut", I will be equally as critical of a White House plan that does the same thing. Now, if we take the $500 check to middle class folks and then couple it with tax incentives for businesses, then we have a plan that at least is trying to do something down the road.

Other than that, just cheap political stunts............

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