Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Retail Web Traffic Week Ending 12/29

These stats represent the post Christmas rush.

1. www.walmart.com (WMT)= 7.56%
2. www.bestbuy.com (BBY)= 4.76%
3. www.target.com (TGT)= 4.33%
4. www.circuitcity.com (CC) = 3.07%
5. www.sears.com (SHLD)= 2.25%
6. www.jcpenney.com (JCP)= 2.02%
7. www.macys.com (M) = 1.5%
8. www.kohls.com (KSS)= 1.35%
9. www.homedepot.com (HD) = 1.21%

Couple points. Wal-Mart is still the king and actually gained ground on Amazon (AMZN) who saw a significant decline post Christmas (almost two percentage points).

I am still t a lost to understand how Circuit City can be losing money. The traffic was there all season, they had eyes on their products. They just could not sell them. It is not a "sales associate" problem because they do not come into play online, it was a pricing issue. When online, price win because comparative shopping is easy to do. Circuit City just had their items mis-priced. Simple.

Home Depot made the list for the first time since I began tracking which may mean people began their winter indoor projects. This bears watching as a Home Depot climb up the chart is good for the economy as a whole. It would also be a good omen for the housing markets.

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