Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ValuePlays 8 for 2008

Here are 8 prediction for 2008. I will update these throughout the year as warranted and at the end.

1- Sherwin Williams (SHW) gets a bid from a potential buyer

2- The US does NOT slip into recession

3- Citigroup (C) does not cut its dividend and does not break it self up.

4- Google (GOOG) purchases Sprint (S)

5- Dow in June 2008, 13,600. In December 2008, 15,200

6- Oil crosses $100 in January and does not retreat below it. By December 2008, it sits at $135

7- Apple's (AAPL) iPhone does not sell 10 million units before its one year anniversary without another price cut to $299.

8- President Mitt Romney is elected saving all investors from a catastrophic tax increase.

Disclosure: Long Citigroup, Sherwin Williams and USO

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