Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Fast Money" For Wednesday

Here are the picks for tomorrow.

Jeff Macke recommended selling Wendy’s (WEN) on the Peltz takeover news. Open $35.03

Pete Najarian preferred Alvarion (ALVR) Open $10.26

Guy Adami liked EMC Corp. (EMC) Open $18.51

There were no picks for Tuesday so here are the records.


Since my tracking began on 6/21 (1-1 means one up pick and one down pick and no results from my vacation week)

Adami= 9-8 Gain $26.18
Bolling= 8-8 Loss $4
John Najarian= 13-3 Gain $15.54
Macke= 16-9 Gain $5.76
Pete Najarian=4-5 Gain $17.18
Seymore= 1-1 Gain $.01
Finerman= 1-2 Gain $.68
Gilbert= 1-0 Gain $.29


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