Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Congrats To Murdoch

It looks like Ruppert got his prize, Dow Jones (DJ) and The Wall St. Journal. It has long been rumored that his FOX network will launch a 24 hour business station along the lines of CNBC. Having the Journal and it's assets in the fold, all but assures it's success and viewership.

If nothing else, Murdoch will give CNBC a run for it's money and the games will begin to see who he can poach from CNBC to his network. Off the top of my head I see Mark Haines, Joe Kernen and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera jumping to a FOX business show as their insight, thoughts and style would tend to align better with the FOX network.

Barteromo may make the jump if for no other reason she is no longer the "most popular cheerleader" anymore having been handily supplanted by Erin Burnett in an online poll that it was rumored to have her fuming.

Competition in this arena is long overdue and a new network will be welcome. Given Murdoch's rumored political leanings, it will be very interesting to see the "tone" of the new network. I say rumored because people feel that because FOX news is considered "right wing" and a counter balance to the coverage at NBC,CBS, CNN and ABC, people assume that those are Murdoch political beliefs. It could just be that he saw a segment of the population that was not being served and did so. If you doubt that you have to explain his fund raising for Hillary Clinton. Murdoch being a "right winger" and raising money for Hillary just do not mesh.

If Murdoch is looking to take a niche like he did with FOX news, it will be a very pro-business network. It will focus on political policy that fosters growth and minimizes regulation.

Either way, I cannot wait to see what happens.


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