Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dell, We Finally Get It Straightened Out

After a week of complaining, when the problem finally gets solved, I ought to give the recognition for it.

After reading my blog posts at Dell's(DELL) HQ in Texas, I was contacted by a "Dell Customer Advocate". After several emails back and forth as she tried to locate my order (I was giving her our current address and Dell had apparently still not changed this) she found the order. She also managed to find the printer I was promised by the Customer Service Manager who "promised" to get in touch with me the day after we talked (the day of first blog post)to give me the details and as of today, has not bothered despite having my home and cell and office numbers and email. Maybe he is trying to get me at my mom's house? I'll be there next 4th of July, talk to you then Mr. Supervisor. The nice part was that unlike the computer, the printer was actually delivered to our office and we did not have to "go pick it up" at the shipper.

So, when all is said and done the Customer Service Advocate, Marie did the job it took a team of folks and 4-5 hours to do on the phone in about an hour's work. Thank you, I have to give a commendation where it is due. Thank you for your help.

On another note, I was contacted today by a second advocate who read the blog posts also and offered to help. Hmmm.

Here is the thing. I said this in a previous post but I think its importance bears its repeating. If I did not have a megaphone to voice my displeasure, I have to wonder how this would have ended. Without the fear of of a couple hundred thousand people reading about my "experience", would there have been the rush to make it right? I have to wonder since the urgency did not seem to be there prior to the posts hitting. I just don't know and hate to assume the worst but the evidence is what it is. At least it is solved now.

I do know this, do not take things like this lying down. If you let them get away with it, the impetus to improve and avoid these situation is gone. Don't take it and be sure to give credit where it is due, it means just as much.

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